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Business Health & Xero Training

You have been using Xero for some time, or have recently converted to Xero but have never had training. 

How clean is your accounting file?   Are your financials accurate?  Are you basing crucial business decisions on unreliable data?  Are you making costly mistakes?

Understanding your business starts with the numbers, and it is imperative that those numbers are 100% accurate and reliable.

If this sounds familiar Minnik Chartered Accountants are here to help, but to attain the highest value from your Xero Training, your accounting file needs to be in excellent shape.   

We have developed Business Health & Xero Training, which involves the assessment and correction of your accounting data, education on the health of your business, and Xero Training.

Our goal is to ensure you move forward confidently in Xero, and avoid ongoing errors in your accounting file that become expensive to fix, leading to unreliable financials and poor decision making.

Further detail on Business Health & Xero Training services is outlined below.

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How a Business Health Check has a positive impact on your business

Leah Oliver CA – Founder Minnik Chartered Accountants

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Business Health & Xero Training is ideal if:

♦   You have been using Xero without any formal Training

♦   Your team or are using Xero without any formal Training

♦   You use an external Bookkeeper who is not properly Trained in Xero

♦   You use Accountants who are not properly Trained in Xero

♦   You are uncertain if your financials are accurate and reliable

♦   You are uncertain if your Xero Conversion was done accurately

♦   You would like to know how to improve the Health of your Business

♦   You are Converting to Xero and want to ensure an efficient transition


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Leah Oliver & Steve Vamos CEO XERO - Business Books Health Check

The 4 Step Process

The Business Health & Xero Training process is designed to ensure your financials are presenting reliably, enabling you to make informed decisions for maximum business performance.

Step 1)  Minnik Chartered Accountants do a comprehensive Health Check on your accounting file, identifying areas of that require corrections or improvements.   Our findings are outlined in a Business Health Report, together with recommendations on how to achieve 100% financial accuracy.

Step 2)  An empowering Business Health Session follows where we go through your Health Report with you in detail.   This step is essential for business owners (and select team members), to get the most value from this process.  

Step 3)  Depending on issues identified in your Health Report, we work closely with you to rectify these.  Essentially your Xero file is being prepared for Training and accurate maintenance going forward – the clean slate.

Step 4)  Armed with a reliable Xero file, you are ready to Train in Xero.  Your Xero Training is tailored to the needs of your business according to your Health Report.  We recommend all relevant resources attend Xero Training.  

Minnik Chartered Accountants are Xero Certified Partners & Consultants, dedicated to ensuring you are using Xero to its full potential.  

The Business Health & Xero Training process gives you an understanding of your financials and peace of mind that your numbers are reliable, enabling you to improve efficiency and enhance performance.

Business Health & Xero Training by Minnik Chartered Accountants

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