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Successfully Migrating Families in Business to Xero

Xero Conversion Services

It can be overwhelming changing systems, particularly when you are busy, and often procrastination takes over.  Time passes and with it goes opportunities for your business to be operating more effectively, translating to enhanced profit.

Some businesses fear the Xero conversion may go wrong, causing downtime.  Unfortunately we do see conversions done either in-house or by providers that don’t have sufficient Xero knowledge.  No business has time for this and it absolutely doesn’t have to be this way!

Minnik Chartered Accountants offer a smooth and efficient Xero Setup & Conversion process that assists you and your team to successfully migrate to Xero.  

Xero is different.  The key to successfully transitioning your business to Xero is to keep things simple, plus essential training and support.    We don’t migrate history – you want you to go forwards, not backwards!   We start you off in Xero with your opening balances.  

Enhance the performance of your Business by migrating to Xero

Further details on Xero Setup & Conversion Services are outlined below

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How businesses experience profit impact after converting to Xero

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Xero Setup & Conversion is ideal if:

♦   You are ready to move your business to Xero

♦   You have heard about Xero and want to know if it suits your business

♦   You want to move your business to the cloud and “go paperless”

♦   You want to become more efficient by automating manual tasks

♦   You are procrastinating over moving your business to Xero

♦   You feel overwhelmed by changing to a new system

♦   You would like support, advice & training during your move to Xero

♦   You would like your Conversion to be managed by Chartered Accountants


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The 6 Step Process

The Xero Setup & Conversion process is designed to avoid the temptation to “try this at home”, start processing in Xero without training, and basically make an expensive mess of the books!

Step 1)  Minnik Chartered Accountants carry out a review of your current accounting file data to be sure information moving across to Xero is accurate.  Upon review, your Conversion Date is recommended.

Step 2)  We arrange your Xero Setup including settings, customised chart of accounts, customer templates, bank accounts and feeds, and payroll for all the crew.  Your Xero file will be ready for trade on Conversion Date.

Step 3)  Your first Xero Training Workshop is held to prepare for Conversion Date.  Training topics are primarily customer invoicing and payroll, being the most crucial areas at this time.

Step 4) The end of period passes.  In your old accounting file, your reconciliations are brought up to date, including banks, all relevant balance sheet accounts, and payroll.   

Step 5)  Minnik Chartered Accountants do a final review of your old accounting file data.  Once complete, we proceed with your Xero Conversion.  Relevant files are downloaded from your old file.

Step 6) Your second Xero Training Workshop is held which covers the rest of your Xero topics, equipping you with the knowledge to process accurately in Xero going forward.

We are 100% Xero Chartered Accountants and Xero Certified Advisors, dedicated to making sure your Xero Conversion experience is successful, and guaranteed to change your life.

The Xero Setup & Conversion process has you heading the right direction with Xero from the start.  For further value-add, join us for our comprehensive Business Health & Xero Training.

Xero Setup & Conversion services by Minnik Chartered Accountants

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