Are you feeling overwhelmed every time BAS quarter rolls around? Are you unsure if your BAS is accurate? Are you unsure what sections of the BAS actually mean? Are you wanting to lodge your BAS in house but don’t feel confident? Are you incurring ATO fines because you procrastinate over preparing your BAS?

Learn how to Use XERO to run your business, take care of your payroll accurately, and prepare and lodge your BAS with confidence with our XERO PLATFORM WITH PAYROLL & BAS Workshop.

Embracing XERO brings exciting new efficiencies to your business. Within 6 months you will begin to recognise hours of saved valuable time and money, and an increase in your bottom line. XERO is different to other accounting programs and it is worthwhile investing in upfront training to ensure you are utilising the full capacity of this amazing software.

Learn from Minnik’s Certified XERO Advisor and Trainer everything you need to know to operate your business efficiently using XERO.


This is your chance to learn how to maintain an accurate set of books, to read your financial reports, and to gain a solid understanding of your financial position. This course covers XERO Payroll function and BAS in great detail, ensuring you have a thorough understanding of payroll processing and accurate BAS lodgements. See you at this very intensive session, for action packed XERO learning, where you will be surrounded by like-minded business owners, accountants and bookkeepers.




  • Complete XERO Functionality
  • Including Payroll & BAS
  • Understanding Your Financial Reports
  • Managing Your Books Accurately
  • Maximising the Potential of XERO


  • XERO Setup
  • Chart of Accounts in Detail
  • User Management
  • Invoice Setup & Custom Templates
  • Email Templates
  • Contacts Database

Financial Reporting

  • Understanding the Profit & Loss
  • Understanding the Balance Sheet
  • Interpreting Financial Position & Performance
  • Exploring a Range of Important Reports

Bank Accounts

  • Setting Up & Managing Bank Accounts
  • Importing Transactions
  • Spend / Receive / Transfer Money
  • Creating Bank Rules
  • Bank Reconciliations

Sales & Invoicing

  • Creating Quotes / Invoices / Credit Notes
  • Receiving Customer Payments
  • Issuing Statements
  • Auto Reminders


  • Creating Orders / Bills / Credit Notes
  • Making Supplier Payments

Expense Claims

  • Adding Receipts
  • Authorising Claims
  • Making Claim Payments


  • Understanding the Dashboard
  • Making Use of XERO Help Tools

XERO Touch

  • Introduction to XERO Touch
  • The Ultimate Accounting App
  • Accounting “On the Go”



  • Complete XERO Payroll
  • Understanding Your Payroll Reports
  • Managing Your Payroll Accurately
  • Maximising the Potential of XERO Payroll


  • XERO Payroll Setup
  • Payroll Calendar Setup
  • Pay Items Setup
  • Leave Entitlements Setup
  • Superannuation Setup


  • Complete Employee Setup
  • Employee Pay Template Setup
  • New Employee TFN Declaration

Payroll Processing

  • Processing Pay Runs
  • Requesting & Approving Employee Leave
  • Submitting & Approving Timesheets
  • Paying Superannuation
  • Auto Super



  • Complete XERO GST & BAS Functions
  • Understanding Your BAS
  • Managing Your BAS Accurately
  • Using XERO GST Reporting


  • XERO Tax Code Setup & Review

GST Audit Report

  • Understanding the GST Audit Report
  • Identifying GST errors
  • Correcting GST transactions
  • Ensuring GST accuracy

GST Calculation Worksheet

  • Understanding the GST Worksheet
  • How the ATO Interprets your BAS

Payroll in BAS

  • Overview of Payroll in your BAS
  • Reporting Payroll Accurately

BAS Preparation & Lodgement

  • Accurately Preparing your BAS
  • Lodging your BAS with the ATO
  • Paying your BAS



  • Businesses with In House BAS Lodgement
  • Businesses with Payroll
  • Business Owners / Directors
  • Finance Managers
  • Accountants
  • Bookkeepers